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Anyone is welcome to join and contribute. There are just a few ground rules:

1.) No posting of the physical addresses of individuals, including Heidi's. Business addresses and addresses for reporting her fraud are okay.

2.) Please do not use full names, with the exception of Heidi K. Diaz. The full names of innocent family members and friends should not be used. They're already suffering enough by virtue of being related to her and her minions, why add to their misery? Please use initials to refer to these people. As for the names of Heidi's minions, past and present — use first names only or their screen names. This is a repository for information, not a stalker's paradise. Heidi's the one exception for the purpose of providing her victims with a name to report to the proper authorities.

3.) No obscenities please. Star the little f*ckers out. Or, for phxck's sake, disguise them somehow :)

4.) Please restrict what you write to facts as much as possible. Some snarking is acceptable, but please try to avoid using this site as a way to settle scores from other sites. In other words, no posts which consist of 'So-and-so is a doody-head and here's why.' This site is about Kimmer and Kimkins, not a new battlefield for personal flame wars.

We're not kidding about these rules, guys. We think most people will understand and play nice, but for those who can't — well, we've got a nice big ban button with your name on it!


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