The Lady In The Lawn Chair

The lady in the lawn chair was a photograph used by Heidi Diaz that was supposed to be her aka Kimmer. This photograph graced the front home page of before the site itself was upgraded, and before the release of the Woman's World Magazine that featured the ad "Better than Gastric Bypass."


The lady in the lawn chair is still unknown as of October 17, 2008.

It is a known fact that Heidi Diaz took random pictures from other websites to use as her own. While the lady in the red dress, and other success stories have been found on Russian bride sites, the lady in the lawn chair has continued to allude photo investigators.

What is seen in the picture is a serene and youthful lady lounging in what appears to be a lawn chair or outdoor patio furniture. She is wearing a black blouse with framed animal prints. The blouse has long sleeves and a v-neckline. It may be a silk type material, or something light weight as the lady in the lawn chair seems to be sitting in the sun. The blouse is paired with what looks like a white skirt. She is wearing an earring, which covers the full lobe and may be pierced or clip on.

The lady in the lawn chair is slim and healthy in appearance. She parts her golden brown hair on the left. Her hair appears very real. Heidi Diaz has alopecia, and wears wigs.

There is vegetation or bushes behind her, which may give a clue to the geographical location of the photograph. It is not know at this time if the photo is an actual outdoor photo, or a studio picture.

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